Tranquility Gardens

Tranquility Gardens is a very special cemetery created by Clayton’s Funeral Directors for those who choose cremation and wish for an alternative from the traditional cemetery experience.
With soft music playing in the background you can visit your loved ones here at Tranquility Gardens while surrounded by trees and flowers. You can stroll the lawns or restfully contemplate life and memories near the water fountain.
Options of Remembrance
Tranquility Gardens offers choices regarding the way in which you may memorialize those you love. You and your family may choose whatever option best suits your needs, your budget and the wishes of your loved one. Every choice offers a peaceful and beautiful location to memorialize that special loved one in a manner that sincerely reflects your wishes and their personality.

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Columbarium Niche

The most prominent features visible at Tranquility Gardens are the columbaria. A columbarium is a tower or wall-like structure containing niches. A niche will hold the cremains of one or two individuals and is sealed behind a granite plate. Onto this plate is placed a bronze wreath with the name, dates and epitaph of those being remembered. A small oval framed photo or two may also be added to a niche.

   STAR Columbarium above

    Cariboo Wall (at night) below

Memory Tree On Berm (Legacy Style)
Small two to four person plots nestled up against landscaped garden mound (Berm) planted with trees and perennials. This plot includes the right to inter, the first bronze (5"x8") plaque with block, two dwarf decorative memory trees (from a small selection of species) and a contemplation bench. (SOLD OUT
The standard plaque is 5"x8" with brown background and polished beveled edges.
                                A new style of Berm will begin construction possibly as soon as Summer 2022..

Pioneer Trail
A series of ground level vaults, set into the ground aside an exposed aggregate walkway. Either side of the trail will be various farming/pioneer implements and garden features. In addition to this will be some benches and lamp posts for rest, contemplation and convenience. Urns are placed into the vaults with the capacity of one urn each.  Each vault is sealed with a square concrete lid with a bronze plaque personalized for your loved one. Either 4.5" X 8" or 8" X 8" customizable bronze plaques are available. Standard Pioneer Trail plaques have a black background and polished beveled edges. You can choose your plaque size, content and emblem and which side of the trail to place the memorial.

Please Note: Plots in Pioneer Trail are placed on a first come, first served basis.

Memorial Trees  (SOLD OUT)

These may be an individual Large Memorial Tree out among the lawns of Tranquility Gardens or near "The Wagon".  There are also "Specimen Trees" along the rock wall separating Tranquility Gardens from the city access road.. Individual trees may be the resting place of one or two loved ones, depending upon location. Photos (one or two) may be added to the marker blocks next to the plaques, but please let us know ahead of time so we can place the plaque upon the block appropriately. The standard plaque is 5"x8" brown background with polished beveled edges.

Click on the video below for a tour of Tranquility Gardens (This video was created in 2019).

Garden Memorial Services

These services at the time of inurnment are an important part of the Tranquility Gardens experience. We can provide some shade, some seating and a lovely setting when it is time. Music or even a slide show can be coordinated with enough time and preparation to make this moment as special and unique as you need it to be.

Open Year-Round

Visit your loved ones night and day and all year around. Tranquility Gardens has lighting for those short winter days and music playing all year long. We also make every effort to maintain access to the majority of our sites in Tranquility Gardens, whatever Quesnel's famous winter weather has to throw at us. We do our best to keep the inner garden paths especially clear of ice and snow and safe for access by all each winter.

Location of Tranquility Gardens

2511 Quesnel-Hixon Road, Quesnel BC, V2J5Z5


Turn off Hwy 97 N at the large Co-Op station.

Enter the Quesnel & District Municipal Cemetery (500 meters on your left) along Quesnel-Hixon Rd.

Tranquility Gardens and Clayton's Crematorium are at the very back of the cemetery grounds.

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