Funeral Merchandise

Caskets, Urns, Niches, Markers, Plaques and Jewelry.

From the final resting place of your loved one to memorial keepsakes for you, Clayton’s Funeral Directors carries a wide range of premium products as part of our customizable funeral packages for all budgets and tastes.

We can help you take find and choose those things that help you memorialize in a way that honours your loved ones and reflects your values and wishes.

We offer:


Urns, Keepsakes & Scattering Tubes

Memorial Jewellery

Tranquility Gardens

Columbarium tower or wall niche (place for cremated remains in urn)

Tranquility Gardens

Scattering Gardens
(to scatter cremated remains)

Tranquility Gardens

Above ground garden vault niche (place for cremated remains in urn)

Bronze Plaques/Markers 

Ornamental Bronze 

Granite Markers/Gravestones

Stewart Monumental Works

Custom Memorial Cards

Custom Memorial Bookmarks

Custom Memorial Slideshow/
Video Presentations

Custom Guest Books