Funeral Service Options in Quesnel

At Clayton’s Funeral Directors in Quesnel, we will make every effort to provide you with all the relevant information we can, as well as the specific costs for each of the services you choose. It is our goal that you feel confident about the choices you make here and satisfied that you have been well served.

Itemized General Price List

Care and Custody of Deceased


This fee includes, but is not limited to, licenses, utilities, and business expenses necessary to serve the public in a professional manner.  Also included in this charge is our professional fee for consultation with the family, clerical and administrative services, consultation with clergy, cemetery, crematory or common carrier, assistance with insurance papers, planning the funeral or memorial service, and assisting in placement of obituary notices, documents and filing, transportation of deceased to funeral home, sheltering and refrigeration (up to three days). There will be additional charges for the direction and supervision of each service as requested or required and other services or items as selected.



Embalming is a chemical process which provides temporary preservation of the body, eliminates certain health hazards, and delays certain potentially unpleasant biological processes.  A person licensed by this province must complete this procedure.  Except in certain special cases, the law does not require embalming.  Embalming may be necessary however, if you select certain funeral arrangements such as a funeral with a viewing when it has been 72 hours since the death occurred.  If you do not want embalming, you have the right to choose an arrangement that does not require it such as direct cremation or direct burial.VISITATION- small & brief


The visitation is a short term (maximum 20 minutes) visitation for the immediate family only, to see their loved one in a comfortable and dignified setting prior to final disposition.  The person is prepared so that they have their best appearance possible and dressed if clothing is available.  The visitation takes place in our chapel/event hall in comfort and privacy with the deceased present on an adjustable bed with seating close by for loved ones to visit and support one another.  (Please allow 1.5 hours minimum preparation time prior to scheduling an ID viewing.) 



Bathing, Cozmetizing                                                        $225.00

Casketing                                                                         $132.00

Dressing                                                                           $137.00

Sheltering and/or refrigeration per day - average is 3 days $82.00


Cremation Fee                                                                         $790.00

Documents and Filing                                                               $493.00

Escort Cremation - less than 10 ppl w/chapel - 20 mins            $268.00

Escort Cremation - more than 10 ppl w/chapel - 2 hours           $367.00

Funeral Coach/Hearse                                                               $305.00

ID Viewing - to identify deceased                                             no charge

Removal and transfer of remains                                                $318.00

Staff at Graveside                                                                     $384.00

Staff for Service                                                                       $589.00

Use of our Chapel/Event Hall for Service OR Reception              $603.00

Use of our Chapel/Event Hall for Service with Reception            $710.00

Utility Vehicle                                                                           $137.00

Visitation - Final Farewell for Family & Friends w/chapel 2 hrs.    $367.00


Audio/Visual equipment rental (offsite)                                       $181.00

Flowers - at cost

Guest Book                                                                                $80.00

Hairdresser (if requested) - at cost

Memorial Cards - Large (1st 100) 1.30 ea plus 65.00 set up fee     $195.00

Memorial Cards - Small (1st 100) 0.70 ea plus 65.00 set up fee     $135.00

Preparation & Mailing of Cremains - $25.00 + cost

Thank You cards - 25                                                                  $20.00

Video Tribute  (up to 140 pictures)                                               $291.00


Adult Caskets $1005.00 and up

Outer Burial Containers (Vaults) $900.00 to $3,199.00

Alternative Cremation Containers $374.00 to $1,900.00

Rental Casket (Cremations) $1,015.00

Cremation Urns $125.00 and up

~ More merchandise such as keepsake urns and jewelry is also available.


Package Includes:

Memorial Cards - 100 large including set up fee  $195.00

Guest Book  $80.00

Thank You Cards - 25    $20.00

TOTAL if purchased separately   $295.00

You Save   $50.00


 We offer many different styles and prices of caskets and alternative cremation containers from which to select.  Since many caskets that seem similar in appearance may differ greatly in quality and construction, we offer the following to assist you in making an informed decision.

PROTECTIVE :Caskets designed by the manufacturer to resist the entrance of air, water and other outside lements.  They may be constructed of varying gauges of steel, copper or bronze. "There is no scientific evidence that any casket with a sealing device will preserve human remains."

NON-PROTECTIVE:  These caskets are not designed by the manufacturer to resist the entrance of air, water or other outside elements.  They may be constructed of metal, hardwood, or wood products covered with fabric.