Meet the Friendly and Caring Staff at Clayton’s Funeral Directors

The Clayton’s Funeral Directors team is committed to serving Quesnel families with the utmost respect and care. We’re here to work with you to find the funeral service best suited to honour your loved one.

Ken Zacharias

To contact Ken directly, please call the office or email:

Angela Wesselink

To contact Angela directly, please call the office or email:

Christopher L. Fitzgerald

Christopher came to Quesnel in 2006 to apprentice as a funeral director/embalmer at Clayton’s Funeral Directors, and has served Quesnel with compassion, humour and dedication ever since.

At the funeral home, in addition to his more typical funeral director/embalmer duties, Christopher officiates funeral services, writes eulogies, is the regular funeral DJ, does offsite audio-visual presentations and digital photo editing work, creates poetry, keeps Tranquility Gardens organized, and takes care of pretty much whatever technical or written/spoken word type of work needs to be done.

Clayton’s Funeral Directors is a very proud supporter of the P.A.R.T.Y. (Prevent Alcohol and Risk-Related Trauma in Youth) program and Christopher has been the “tour presenter” for Clayton’s since the program began here.

To contact Christopher directly, please call the office or email:

Amy Quick

Amy has called Quesnel her home since moving here from St. John’s, Newfoundland in 1995. After graduating high school she worked with the BC SPCA for almost 10 years, following her passion to help both animals and families in the community.

After leaving the SPCA in 2008, she started working at Clayton’s Funeral Directors as an administrative assistant and funeral attendant. In 2010, she started her apprenticeship to become a licensed funeral director and has now been licensed for over 3 years.

Amy has a passion for helping people and loves connecting with families and guiding them through the difficult process of making funeral arrangements for a loved one. She also enjoys creating meaningful, custom memorial cards and video presentations for funeral and memorial services.

Amy is still a huge animal lover and often brings her small dog “Puggles” to work and loves seeing her interact with her clients in a way that is full of joy and brings a smile to any face.

To contact Amy directly, please call the office or email:

Pat Cortens

Pat has worked with Clayton’s Funeral Directors for over 18 years as an administrative assistant and funeral attendant. She enjoys staying active, walking her dog Sasha, gardening, travelling and staying connected with the community of Quesnel.

Richard Jahnert

Former owner, current mentor

Judi Davies


Thomas Hurd

Thomas is the caretaker and general handyman for Clayton’s Funeral Directors, as well as Tranquility Gardens. He works hard all year round so people are able to comfortably visit their loved ones in Tranquility Gardens while enjoying the open, green space.


Lucy, passed away early summer 2017 and is greatly missed.  She could always be found at Tranquility Gardens year-round, visiting with people, chasing squirrels and deer and napping in the sun.


Puggles is our resident therapy dog. Her owner, Amy, brings her to work to sleep under her desk most days. She loves getting treats and cuddles, but most of all she loves visiting in the arrangement office, bringing smiles to those who need it most.

Animals can bring such a sense of calm in a loving atmosphere. Grieving takes us to our most vulnerable place, and what we may need the most at a time like that is the quiet comfort of a furry friend.