Death Certificates

At least one original Death Certificate is necessary before anything can be done to settle the estate.

All of Clayton's Funeral Directors are registrars with Vital Statistics BC, and we create death certificates when we register a death.

We gather from you in the arrangement meeting, the decedents' personal information and legal documents and we collect from the doctor/coroner a medical certificate of death (Some nurses mistakenly call this a death certificate). Only when we have all the available information can we then register the death and create the actual Death Certificate.

​In BC only two places are likely require an original Death Certificate, any bank/credit union (closing accounts or opening an estate account), and BC LTSA (Land Title & Survey) when changing ownership of property.

Outside of BC or Canada an original may also be required. For example: If a person was collecting a pension from another country then an original Death Certificate would have to be sent to that nations applicable agency.

​Original Death Certificates cost $27.00 (2018), are tax free, and contrary to the "original" label we can print up to 20 of them for you. 

It is generally a good idea to obtain multiple notarized copies of a death certificate as most agencies require a notarized certificate and not a simple photocopy. A notary public or law office can create notarized copies of any of your important documents. Notarized copies are slightly cheaper than originals and you can spill coffee on them without having a panic attack.



Provided by: The Government of Canada and The Province of British Columbia

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