Michelle King
Michelle King
Michelle King

Obituary of Michelle Lee-Ann King

It is with profound sorrow that we announce the passing of Michelle Lee Ann King. Our sweet Michelle was born on March 12,1987 at 12:27 pm at G.R Baker hospital in Quesnel, BC. Within the following 5 years, Matthew and Amanda arrived and joined our family…Michelle was thrilled and doted on her baby brother and sister. Not long after Michelle’s birth, her intuitive curiosity and love for animals and the outdoors became unmistakably evident. Her first drawings consisted of her favorite animals; in particular, dogs and horses. Michelle was awarded the “fabulous artist” award at her year-end Kindergarten celebration at Carson Elementary School.

As she grew older, her talent in art only grew stronger. She painted and drew the most beautiful landscapes, leaving behind many cherished keepsakes for her loved ones as a reminder of her artistic gift. Our free-spirited girl was always happiest with her bare feet in the grass or sand, observing and interacting with nature. Michelle loved the ocean: this is where she would build
sand castles with her family and patiently show her younger siblings how to gently hold tiny crabs and starfish. If there was a lake or creek, there was Michelle in her dinghy (often accompanied by her siblings or cousins) with the sun shining on her bouncy, golden, curly hair, trying to catch and release tadpoles or minnows. If there was an injured or abandoned animal
nearby, there was Michelle, eager to nurse it back to health or find it a home. She did this with an injured crow, caring for it until it could fly away. When she was 9, Michelle found a puppy named Sam (or rather, Sam found her) who became the King’s first family dog. She also found Scooby who was adopted by her grandparents, and Buster who was adopted by her auntie Vickie, uncle Bob & cousins Sarah, Austin and Sam. With reluctance from her mom and dad, the cats Earl, Charlie & Maizey also joined the King family. When Michelle was a teenager, she was given a little black puppy named Baily: they were inseparable and had many adventures together until Baily’s passing in 2017. Michelle’s childhood dream of owning a farm came true as an adult where she rehabilitated many more animals and found them homes. Michelle’s kindness was extended to humans as well.

When she was a child watching her little brother Matthew play hockey, she was given money for the concession. Instead of buying something for herself, she used that money to buy a meal for a person experiencing homelessness. Michelle’s kindness and compassion made her a sweet, gentle, sensitive soul who had the power to touch peoples’ lives in heartwarming ways. Sometimes, the pain and suffering of the world was difficult for Michelle to comprehend, and it hurt her when people were  unkind: she took it to heart. As the world was getting harsher, the storms were getting harder to bear. We ask that anyone who
knew and loved Michelle to honor her memory in a way that makes the world a little brighter - just the way our girl did. For those in our community who treated Michelle with empathy, kindness and understanding: we know who you are and we sincerely thank you.

Michelle, words cannot possibly express how much we love you. Until we meet again. Rest peacefully, darling.

Our beloved Michelle is survived by her parents (Valerie & Perry King), younger siblings (Matthew & Amanda King),  grandparents (Ron & Betty Campbell), numerous aunties, uncles & cousins, and her dear friend Eddie.

Michelle is predeceased by her Grandma King, great-grandparents Alfred and Elizabeth ‘Gladys’ Griffiths, uncle Bob Griffiths and cousin Shane Perret.

Our family would like to wholeheartedly thank our friends, neighbors and members of the community for the outpouring of support, and for the much appreciated flowers, food, cards and kind words. We would like to extend our gratitude to Clayton's funeral directors for their support during this extremely difficult time.

The Lord is near the broken hearted And saves the crushed in spirit.
- Psalm 34

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”
- A.A Milne, Winnie the Pooh