Lenard Madland
Lenard Madland
Lenard Madland
Lenard Madland
Lenard Madland
Lenard Madland

Obituary of Lenard Madland

It is with deep regret that we announce the passing of Lenard Madland.
Lenard passed away quietly and unexpectedly at GR Baker hospital on May 26 2021.
He is survived by his siblings Rory, Glen, Adrian, Gale and half sister Paula as well as a slew of nieces, nephews and many great nieces and nephews as well.
Lenard was a simple man, who lived a simple life, a jack of all trades, and a woodwork artist.
Many who knew him heard his wishes of striking it rich and moving to the Yukon to spend the rest of his days, while he didn't make it to the Yukon he did manage to build his own home and had his own little slice of heaven.
His presence at family dinners over the holidays and surprise visits and calls will be greatly missed.
Remember his laugh, the hearty pats on the back, the alien conspiracies, the long johns year round and his love of all things furry.
According to Viking sagas, Leif Ericcson crossed the Atlantic, and the lands he visited are probably Baffin Island and Labrador, and finally Vinland , which could be Newfoundland.
The average marauding Viking
Seized any land that took his liking,
No place was safe in early days from Scandinavian forays
Eric the Red first got a taste 
To settle Greenland's icy waste,
And soon Leif Ericcson, his son,
His own great journeys had begun.
Over a thousand years ago
He was the first , the sagas show, 
Who came from European lands To step upon Canadian strands.
For those who watched those tall Prowse rise on,
The empty , faraway horizon ,
They must have made a curious sight
With spears and helmets gleaming bright
To Baffin Island , where Leif came 
"The Land of Stone" he gave the name.
"The Wooded Land" he called the shore 
Of what we know as Labrador
In "Vinland" next that crew arrived,
And there the winter they survived.
They found there everything they wished :
Good pastures, salmon to be fished,
and even berries grapes and vines-
that's why Leif called it the "Land of Wines"
Though Vinland's written into history ,
Its whereabouts is still a mystery 
Some choose Cape Cod, but others say 
Its further north , near Hudson's Bay;
And others claim they understand 
Its on the coast of Newfoundland
It must have been, if that is so,
Much warmer, centuries ago 
if only it had stayed that way,
we might be enjoying  
The Newfoundland's Chardonnay
But as it is they've found their niche 
with something stronger... Pass the SCREECH!!